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Wild Herbs & Roots

Sustainably Harvested

With access to hundreds of acres of old growth forest, we hand select the finest wild herbs for that special recipe, natural dye, or dietary supplement.  Culinary grade herbs guaranteed to produce delicious teas and extracts of the highest quality.

Harvests are small and limited to ensure the health of all mother plants.


Our Farm was Built in 1892

Brushy Creek Farm has been a farm from the time it was built in 1892. A dirt road ran along Brushy Creek and the farm had a market house at the edge of the road. While the market house has succumbed to time, the idea of reviving a farm-to-market has not.

Our Harvest Boxes are full of wonderfully unique flavors and products cultivated on our farm.

Harvest Boxes are full of culinary and medicinal herbs harvested and processed at their peak, to ensure quality and freshness. All Harvest Boxes include expensive and hard to find herbs such as goldenseal or sassafras, farm products such as soaps, salves, extracts and syrups, and extra goodies like kits, bottles, funnels, strainers, and recipe cards.  All boxes are unique, hand selected, and carefully packaged.  Fun to open and explore.  Makes a wonderful gift.

 As we like to say, #TryNewFlavors

Medium Harvest Box includes:
 8-10 types of herbs
2-3 farm products

A $100 Value!

Large Harvest Box includes:

15-20 types of herbs

3-5 farm products

A $250 Value!



It’s Spring at Brushy Creek

Harvesting spring blossoms in the meadows and watching our cuttings take root!  Our new greenhouse is bursting with life, as are all of the bird houses in the fields.  

A Tradition of Syrup

How delighted we were to find the old syrup making equipment still operable and in the barn. Folks all over the holler would come out to help process.

We are fixin’ to bring back that tradition.


Hand selected   |  Wildly grown  |  Naturally Dried







Contact us About Growing Specialty Herbs


We have Wild Passiflora Incarnata!
We are passionate about introducing new flavors from sustainably hand-foraged wild herbs.

Shown: Passiflora Incarnata flower syrup sweetened with lemon balm and lavender shortbread cookies.

A very effective sleep aid.

Cuttings available in Spring 2023!


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